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Feb 25, 20

Long Beach, CA: Community Rallies Against Police Beating of Man

Report back on recent mobilization in Long Beach, California in the wake of a video showing police beating a man going viral. Local organizers have also exposed lies of the police and are calling on court support in the coming days for the man who was beaten.

On February 18th on 4th and Atlantic in Long Beach California a video was taken of Long Beach Police savagely beating Eugene Martindale a black man who was restrained face down while an officer with a baton continued to administer multiple blows inflicting extreme violence and most certainly severe and permanent physical and psychological injury to Eugene.

The Long Beach Police Department claim that Eugene was trying to carjack multiple people culminating in the attempted carjacking of a parking enforcement officer which is why they had to restrain and beat Eugene.

Members of the People’s Revolutionary Party have been in contact with Eugene Martindale’s father. It turns out, to no one’s surprise, that the Long Beach Police Department is lying about the entire event. Eugene was in the middle of a mental episode and was asking people for help. He didn’t try to steal a car because he can’t even drive!

The following Sunday many people gathered at Harvey Milk Park in downtown Long Beach for a rally and march in solidarity with Eugene Martindale and his family.

It is clear that the community members of Long Beach are sick and tired of living under the racist boot of the Long Beach Police Department and the local city government that LBPD is obviously in bed with. Sadly, this is but one of many incidents in the sordid history of LBPD and local government’s violent and discriminatory campaign to whitewash and gentrify the City of Long Beach.

On Thursday February 27th at 8:30am we will be packing the Long Beach Superior Court to show our support and solidarity with Eugene Martindale and his family.

Court Information:

Court Code: SO01

Court Date: 02.27.2020

Court Time: 0830

Court Case: NA11389601

Court Name: Long Beach Superior Court Dept J

Court Address: 275 Magnolia Avenue

Solidarity Forever,

Los Angeles Antifascist Bloc

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