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Mar 25, 21

Los Angeles, CA: Militant Bloc Takes to Streets in Memory of Breonna Taylor

Report back from day of action in Los Angeles marking the one year anniversary of the police assassination of Breonna Taylor.

The vigil started at 7:30 pm with flags and comrades in bloc uniting in memory of Breonna Taylor. The bloc started prepping shield defenses, distributing spray cans and other art supplies. Despite rumors of ‘white anarchists’ hijacking movements in this case, the action was organized by POC comrades who also came in bloc. Two black femmes spoke on the injustices suffered amongst black communities followed by a moment of silence.

The march began heading westbound on Santa Monica blvd. After marching for a short while, people began to spray the surrounding area, consisting of affluent neighborhoods. The graffiti included slogans such as FTP, ACAB, and homages to Breonna Taylor. As the marching continued, comrades tagged a studio building, that then began to escalate to the bloc attacking storefronts. Glass windows and doors were broken and smashed in, and police hurried to get behind marchers. Surrounding cars briefly honked in support of the bloc as marchers turned onto a different street.

The march continued until a standoff with the police occurred. Some revolutionaries threw smoke at the cops and one police cruiser attempted to run over two protesters. The cruiser drove away with one of the protester still on the hood.

Shortly after the car attack, the shield wall was deployed, which allowed the march to continue. By this time comrades started to realize the cops were setting up a kettle ahead. Some dispersed while a majority group decide to quickly run through a side street with the shield wall upfront to avoid the kettle. After successfully holding back the pigs there was another standoff where a dell computer was thrown.

The event ended and comrades dispersed afterwards. There were 10 arrests and bail setup for comrades.

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