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Apr 21, 17

Louisville, KY: TWP Members Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday Kicked Out of Pub

A group of area white supremacist posters from the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer were
celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday last evening when they were asked to leave the Irish Rover by the owners after being outed by Louisville Anti-Racist Action (ARA). Louisville ARA arranged for a crowd of approximately 40 members of the Louisville community to confront the group, and provided screenshots to the crowd and to the owners of the establishment to support their actions. The crowd chanted ‘Nazis Out” until the grow left.

The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi, white supremacist website whose publisher, Andrew Anglin, was sued this past week by Tanya Gersh, a Jewish woman who became me target of harassment by Daily Stormer members alter Anglin ordered a ‘troll storm.” Gersh is being represented in part by the Southern Poverty Law Center in her suit.

The grow referred to itself as the Louisville Book Club on the Daily Stormer. Amid planning where to hold their outing, they mocked the Clifton neighborhood as a liberal oasis with lawn signs supporting Black Lives Matter and immigrant and refugee populations, discussed attending the white nationalist gathering planned in Pikeville. KY later this month, and made caustic racist and homophobic remarks. Examples of usernames include “GloriousWaffenSS” (a reference to the special armed divisions of Nazi Germany’s SS) and “goodgoy14” (combining the Jewish term for non-Jews and the number 14, which holds significance to neo-Nazis as shorthand for the slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”)

Matthew Heimbach, left, leader of the Traditional Worker Party, and Corey Scott Whittman aka “John Hess” of Shively, Kentucky

Some of these Daily Stormer users were part of the group which attended Kevin Caster’s art show at the Tim Faulkner Gallery entitled “Will the Goyim’s Children Curse ‘Em?‘ which featured. among other works. portraits with swastikas. This Daily Stormer thread was also the same one in which Caster posted under the username “ammo.” The gallery has ended Caster‘s show and Caster’s studio lease will not be renewed.

These Daily Stormer posters are also active promoters of the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP). the organization represented by Matt Heimbach. a white nationalist charged with civil assault and battery following last year’s Trump rally in Louisville where Heimbach was filmed attacking University of Louisville student Kashiya Nwanguma. TWP is organizing the Pikeville gathering. Corey Scott Whittman of Shively, KY—who uses the alias Scott Hess among TWP and in the press—can be seen in photos taken last night standing in front of the crowd with his hand on a knife.

Louisville ARA praises the members of our community who joined us in rejecting neo-Nazi meetings in our public spaces, especially the patrons of the Irish Rover who joined in the chants and the owners who demanded that the white nationalists leave their property.

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