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Apr 30, 18

Lucasville Prison Hunger Strike and Call-In Campaign Ends in Success

Last week, It’s Going Down reported that on the 25th anniversary of the multi-racial Lucasville prison uprising in Ohio, the State “rolled back communication access exclusively for the survivors of the Lucasville Uprising.” This move by prison authorities was done in order to stop Lucasville Uprising survivors from talking with supporters and media

In response, a call went out from Lucasville Amnesty for a call-in campaign and a hunger strike was also launched by prisoners. On April 27th, the Lucasville Amnesty page reported:

Keith/Bomani just shared that they were able to meet with the Warden this morning after 4 days of being on hunger strike and successfully negotiated full reinstitution of their previously earned privileges, ones that some were attempting to corrode. He, Hasan, Jason, and Greg send their heartfelt thanks for any and all ways in which you lent of yourself during this struggle. They’ve agreed to end the strike.

Bomani Shakur wrote in a statement to supporters several days before ending the hunger strike:

To the larger issue of our general situation, we all agree that we cannot rely on the system to deliver the justice we seek. As with the case of our privileges, the only way things will l change is through the utilization of our own agency, and with the support of The People. This lesson is continually being taught to us, and I think we can.

For further updates, follow Lucasville Amnesty.

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