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Jan 11, 19

Madison, WI: Rally Against Armed Fascist Militia 1/12

Members of the far-Right III%er militia, which has been tied in the past to various attempted bombs, and who also have attended events such as Unite the Right, are planning a rally on Saturday, January 12th. More info on our #AllOut page.

In Madison Wisconsin, the III’ers plan to have an armed “open kit” rally to promote their hateful nationalist xenophobic hyper masculine racist white supremacist views. The folks in Madison say FUCK THAT.

Folks from MANY different political, organizational and spiritual persuasions have risen to the task and organized what will hopefully be a massive counter protest, with 670 folks responding so far on Facebook. Despite that nice number, only around 200 are actual ‘going,’ so we need folks to commit to showing up and standing against these fascist and proto-fascist armed white supremacists.

Their supporters have shot Black Lives Matter protestors. They have attempted to bomb and murder Somali refugees. III’er members have organized armed protests against Syrian refugees and at mosques and do deadly “patrolling” of the border, creating even more dangerous situations for folks looking to cross the border then already exists and helping the state with their job, something the group claims to be against. Moreover, they have provided back up for neo-Nazis at rallies like Unite the Right and in support of the Confederate “Silent Sam” statue.

Here is the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/488318554908626/

Song from Lil Guillotine about mobilization:


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