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Mar 26, 21

Madness, Disability, and Abolition: A Conversation

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On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with the author of the text, Madness, Disability, and Abolition, a two part series that ran on It’s Going Down which explored the history of the criminalization of madness and mapped out what an abolitionist approach might look like, along with examples of projects already being put into place.

Connecting both a history of eugenics, genocide and mass imprisonment of Native people, and the weaponizing of psychiatry against unruly femmes and people of color, we look at how this brings us to the present day, where police are more and more used as a deadly force to “deal” with homelessness, mental illness, and the growing suicide epidemic.

Ending on examples of abolitionist and autonomous alternatives, we hope that this discussion continues a broader engagement within our movements about how we deal with these complex issues outside of the State, police, and prisons.

More Info: Madness, Disability, and Abolition: A Call for Movement Solidarity, Madness, Disability, and Abolition: Healing in Autonomous Communities

photo: Alexandre Debiève via Unsplash

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