Making Noise in Miami: Gathering at the Gates of Krome Immigration Detention Center


The following is a report back from Miami, Florida about a noise demonstration carried out against continued abuse at the Krome Immigration Detention Center

Lining both sides of the facility entrance with banners and flooding the area with a vibrant-and loud-show of solidarity, the crowd rattled the gates of the notorious and human rights abuse laden prison and immigration detention center, Krome for a Day of Rage noise demonstration on February 4th.

While police danced to anti-police music, an autonomous zone sparked up from the streets with rocks, sticks, drums, music and voices filling the air as family and friends arriving for visitation with their imprisoned loved ones got to bring the message inside that a large-and-loud show of solidarity was unfolding outside.

Krome is an enslavement camp for hundreds of undocumented persons, most awaiting deportation. Immigration detention is profitable business in this country. The Trump administration has called for an expansion of immigration detention center expansion operated by private prison corporations across the country. His administration follows on the heels of the Obama administration who signed contracts with private prison corporations for minimum daily numbers of immigrant detainees.

This is to say nothing of the violence and brutality that immigrant detainees face in facilities like Krome, where abuse is reportedly prolific.

For more information about these abuses, see the collection that was published by Advocates For Human Rights entitled, Hidden From View: Human Rights Conditions in the Krome Detention Center. Similar reports have similarly been written on the violence faced by immigrant detainees in ICE prisons at large by The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Detention Watch Network, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights First.

In solidarity with the undocumented, with refugees, with immigrants and with every prisoner being detained at Krome and every other immigration detention center, we scream NOT ONE MORE!

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