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Nov 24, 16

Manhattan, NY: Thanksgiving Decorations for the Bridge

Submitted to It’s Going Down

on this thingstaken day 2016, the view from the yuppie condos of dumbo was vastly improved as two unnamed (white) fags clamored atop the manhattan bridge pedestrian walkway guard fence over the brooklyn-queers expressway and prominently hung a banner with the message


also visible from the pedestrian walkway and neighborhood of dumbo surrounding. we are conveying this message because imperialism and settler-colonialism are alive and well in the united states of amerikkka, with the so far endless bloodshed for “resource” exploitation, which systematically destroys formerly pristine waterways and land otherwise understood as fundamental to life itself and an inherent aspect of survival.

this process is presently corporatised with the backing of an intensely violent militarised police force working with corporate mercenaries with little to no accountability.

this is a phenomenon occurring right here with alarming and increasing violence and frequency, not only overseas. this is happening on this stolen land as so many sit down to thanksgiving celebrations and turn their backs on the continued onslaught against, and disrespect and displacement of indigenous peoples and life itself.

without water, we are all dead.

with this action we hope to draw attention to the historical nature of genocide in the name of white supremacy, cultural imperialism, and profit at any cost; to highlight the fact that the atrocities overseas which liberals ineffectually rally around in the streets have always been happening here to a people whose oppression and annihilation has long been ignored and minimised and perversely celebrated in the name of holidays and relaxation.

-standing rock Sioux nation, we recognise and respect you.


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