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Mar 5, 22

Mapuche Political Prisoners in Lebu Declare Solidarity with Hunger Strikers

The following communique from Lavkenche Mapuche political prisoners in Lebu denounces the racist judicial system in Chile and declares solidarity with the Mapuche political prisoners recently on hunger strike in CET Victoria.

More context is available in our previous coverage of Mapuche rebellion and resistance.

Mari mari kom pu che. From the Lebu prison, we send our greetings to the social organizations, conscious people, and organic revolutionaries of the warria [city] and resistance in Wallmapu, to whom we want to send the following message:

Kiñe: As Lavkenche Mapuche political prisoners imprisoned in Lebu, we want to express our unrestricted solidarity and commitment to our brothers imprisoned in different parts of Wallmapu, a consequence of this racist judicial system. The problem has worsened with the government of Sebastian Piñera moving against those who defend their territories and who are committed to the struggle. It is important for the public to know that the racist harassment carried out by the repressive Chilean institutions doesn’t only take place in the territories or the streets, but also inside the prisons. We are treated poorly as political prisoners and prevented from having access to certain early release benefits, such as is the case of the peñi [brothers] Tralcal.

Epu: As political prisoners, we respect, support, and give all our newen [mental strength, spiritual power] to the decision taken by José Tralcal Coche and Luis Tralcal Quidel to launch a hunger strike as a form of protest against the abuses and injustices of the gendarmerie. We know what it’s like to risk one’s health and put one’s body on the line to fight for our rights. For this we show our full solidarity with the determination of the peñi to begin this form of protest.

Küla: We reject the flawed trials and court frame-ups that operate against Mapuches in resistance. We know well that the peñi Tralcal were convicted by testimony obtained through the torture of a false witness. This is evidence that is only valid in a racist judicial system that systematically condemns us. Beyond their verdicts, we know that they, as well as us, have been prosecuted for defending and recuperating our territory, for resisting, for seeking our autonomy. These are things that endanger and discomfort the economic, political, and cultural model of the Chilean elites.

Meli: Despite everything, it is fundamental to have fair and transparent trials for our people, without the usual procedural irregularities, or sentences cooked up between four walls to instill fear in the communities and lof [Mapuche groups]. Mapuches are made examples of because we are a people who have decided to take our own path and construct our autonomy. This is a reality that makes the dominant classes uncomfortable, and they activate their counterinsurgent apparatuses to repress the territories and pressure the courts in order to swell the ranks of the peñi in prison.

Kechu: While capitalism and colonialism persist in Wallmapu, rebellion and weychan [struggle] will continue. These are the consequences that must be paid. Our struggle is not in self-interest, it is for the life of our communities and lof. It is for the thousands of peñi and lamuen [brothers and sisters] who live in poverty due to the lack of land, which is concentrated in the hands of the forestry companies and latifundistas. We struggle to leave our children a free and dignified territory, where there is no place for promises of capitalist development that have only resulted in misery, poverty, and the devastation of our Mapu [land].


Free the Mapuche political prisoners!

Dignity and newen to the peñi Tracal on hunger strike!

Free the political prisoners of the Chilean revolt!

Amulepe kom pu che! Amulepe taiñ weichan! Marichiweo!

March 4, 2022

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