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Feb 14, 22

Marcelino Ruíz Gómez Denounces Prison Conditions in CERSS No. 10 in Chiapas

Statement from Indigenous Tzotzil prisoner in struggle Marcelino Ruíz Gómez denouncing the deplorable prison conditions in CERSS No. 10 in Comitán, Chiapas

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the Human Rights Defenders

To the National and International Sixth

To the National Indigenous Congress

To the Indigenous Governing Council

To the Media

To the Believers

To the Organized Civil Society

To the People of Mexico and the World

I want to denounce the deplorable conditions I am living through here in this prison, and the constant violation of my human dignity and rights. I am demanding good food, as the food that is served here comes in small portions, is poorly prepared, and is in very bad condition. The lack of good food has caused me to get sick on various occasions.

On the February 11, I didn’t even bother to receive my breakfast, as it was beans with weevil beetles. I decided not to receive my food in that condition. I am also demanding better medical attention, as the conditions are currently deplorable. The lack of medicine and the use of expired medicines has caused my imprisoned compañeros and I problems with our health.

This is why I solicit the intervention of the Frayba Human Rights Center and the CNDH, as well as the attention of social organizations and collectives to whatever aggression or retaliation that might be carried out.


Marcelino Ruíz Gómez

Indigenous Prisoner in Struggle

Organization Vineketik en Resistencia

Adherent of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle of the EZLN

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