May Day 2019: Against Landlord, Boss, & Jailer!


Across so-called North America, anarchists, autonomists, and anti-authoritarians will be taking part in actions, marches, rallies, gatherings, and events in celebration of May 1st and as part of a broader struggle against the current system of domination, exploitation, and control.

On every level, the need for a swift break with the current system of industrial capitalism is needed. From the mounting threat of climate change and the rampant disasters that is it bringing down upon us, the State’s creation of mass “sacrifice zones” from Flint, Michigan to Puerto Rico, the proliferation of mass detention, prison slavery, police killings, and widespread surveillance, the deepening of the housing crisis and gentrification, and the accelerating class war heightened by the rise of the gig economy, AI, and automation technology.

In the face of Trump, which has not been a break with, but simply an authoritarian continuation of, neolilberalism, the “Left,” has shown itself to be largely useless. To tired to even march in circles, it has instead stepped back and allowed the Democrats control over the streets and pushed people away from mass strikes, riots, and class war, and towards elections and deflated goals.

This May Day, as we remember the Haymarket Martyrs and all those who struggle and fight for emancipation and freedom, let us also remember the struggles that have happened all around us to build autonomy and power in the face of daily life. From the mass strikes and wildcats across the county, to pipeline blockades and defense of Native land, both small to mass actions against the far-Right, to strikes and occupations against the deportation machine, police, prisons, and much more.

What follows is a list of May Day events we have found so far. Be sure to email us with yours at info [at] itsgoingdown [dot] org.

Past May Day Coverage

Pacific Northwest



  • Madison, Wisconsin: IWW to march in mass “Day without an Immigrant” march. More info here.
  • Twin Cities, Minnestoa: Call for a decentralized May Day. More info here.



  • New York, NY: Student walkout outside of New School.
  • Brooklyn, New York: May Day noise demonstration against prisons. Facebook event here.
  • Hartford, CT: May Day rally and gathering. Event info here.
  • Portland, Maine: Local IWW branch is hosting a benefit for No More Deaths. Event info here.

So-Called Canadian Territories

  • Vancouver, British Columbia:

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