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Aug 2, 17

Metropolis: A Film About Seattle

Interviews, commercials, news broadcasts, and original footage shot over the course of 2012 weave a frenetic web of associations that definitively end the myth of the green and sustainable city – Seattle.

  • an anti-commercial.
  • a negative production.
  • a showcase of the shadow that exists beneath the green grid of the Seattle metropolis.
  • revealing the inner workings of the major corporations.
  • detailing the hierarchy of the state.
  • exploring the daily human interactions that take place on the city streets.

Highlighting the Sound Transit train and lightrail network, housing and commercial development, water and sewer system, food importation system, the electrical system, the national guard, the state, Boeing, Microsoft,, Starbucks, Brightwater, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the workers, the intellectuals, the rulers, and the underground.

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