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Jan 4, 17

Mexico: Claim of Incendiary Attack on Gas Station in State of Mexico

From Contra Info
Translated by It’s Going Down

Yesterday we attacked a gas station located on Canl Prados Avenue in Tultitlán, State of Mexico, with incendiary bombs and Molotov cocktails, causing a fire in the gas pumps, which we could not stop to appreciate or calculate the damage of.

Our motives? Revenge for our compañerxs arrested by state forces for protesting against the “mega gasolinazo,”* that starves our people to benefit the rich and powerful. But that was not our only motive, we also want to condemn and attack progress, development and the totality of the civilizing project that runs over and destroys mother earth.

Until all the walls of all the prisons are destroyed!
Burn what must be burned!
In defense of mother earth by all means necessary!

Sincerely: “Punky Maury” Informal Action Cell – FAI/IRF

*Translator’s note: The “mega gasolinazo” is a state-ordered price hike of up to 20% on gas that began on January 1, 2017.

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Scott Campbell is the author of the "Insumisión," which was a featured column on It's Going Down and currently writes news and analysis on social movements and struggles, with an eye towards Mexico.

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