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Sep 4, 17

Mexico City Action in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas

On Thursday, August 24, some riffraff carried out a symbolic takeover of facilities at the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City in solidarity with the comrade Fernando Bárcenas.

Fernando Bárcenas Castillo has been in prison since December 13, 2013; he was arrested in a protest against the raising of metro fares and is accused of burning a spectacular Christmas advertisement for the Coca-Cola company.

During the time in which he’s been locked up, the comrade has maintained a firm posture against prison authority, refused to receive privileges for being considered a “political prisoner,” and has stuck together with other inmates surviving the misery and torture imposed in Mexican prisons. He’s organized with “common” prisoners to carry out anti-prison and anti-capitalist propaganda and critique. They created a library, edited the publication El Canero with texts and reflections of the prisoners, organized fasts and hunger strikes, stood in solidarity with and demanded the freedom of other prisoners. Fernando is unyielding and struggles for life.

On multiple occasions his judicial proceedings have seemed to be bogged down by the authorities, but this is nothing new to us; we know how the penal and judicial system are managed, how it’s a burden for those who don’t have money. The jails are full of poor people, a global and historical truth – misery is punished, dissent is regulated and controlled.

From outside through all possible means, we send solidarity and strength to the comrade. Here we continue, waiting for him, trying to incite against Capital…

Freedom for prisoners in the struggle

Down with the prison walls

Against the state, against capital

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