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Feb 26, 23

Mexico: Feminist Political Prisoners Magda Soberanes and Karla Tello Released from Prison

A brief update from Radio Zapote, translated by Scott Campbell, on the release from prison of Magda Soberanes and Karla Tello, who had been held since April 15, 2022, following a police raid on the Okupa Cuba.

The young social activists and feminists, Magda Soberanes and Karla Tello, were released from prison on February 23, and will be allowed to continue their legal proceedings in freedom. This joyous day comes after they had been held for almost a year in connection with the Okupa Cuba.

A movement for the immediate release of both women led to this victory against the injustice that is the Mexican justice system.

At the doors of the Santa Martha Acatitla Female Social Reinsertion Center in Mexico City, as soon as she walked out of the prison, Magda gave a speech with a megaphone, thanking her friends, her compañerxs in the struggle, and especially her family, for the unconditional support they gave during this period of her life. This support helped her to resist and to remain unbroken, in conditions of total isolation and after being betrayed by a supposed compañera in the struggle, who Magda denounced as a “state collaborator” who had a lot to do with the abandonment of the Okupa Cuba in the end.

Despite losing 12 kilos and facing high levels of stress, Magda recognized that the letters she wrote and exchanged with her imprisoned compañera Karla during this period were what kept her alive. It showed her “that it is possible for beautiful care to exist in a space that is not beautiful, such as prison.” She wants to continue helping other women who resist and for them to feel supported by the feminist struggle, because, “self-defense is not violence.”

Karla and Magda were greeted with songs, slogans, graffiti, shouts of joy, and the emotion of their mothers, who embraced them tearfully. The struggle continues and this chapter closes with a happy ending.

Until all are free!

Down with all prison walls!

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