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Apr 29, 16

Mexico: Occupying Land, Resisting Airport Construction

From Centro de Medios Libres
Translated by Earth First! Journal

In Tocuila Texcoco, the situation is tense. They continue to bring in machines and materials; this time in sections of San Felipe and Santa Cruz, neighboring villages, the same exact place they brought them a few days ago and we threw them out. What the “workers” and corporation are pretending is that this has been “negotiated.”

Nonetheless, we reiterate that they are violating the protection clause with the PIRÁMIDES-TEXCOCO highway, and it’s not only the destructive companies that are committing this grave legal error, but also the municipal, state, and federal authorities; they know what’s going on in the towns of Orrila del Agua, and they are silenced accomplices (in various ways), saturated with injustice and impunity.

We denounce new machinery brought into our communal lands for the illegal construction of a new airport, AICM.

We hold the federal government responsible for all aggression and authoritarianism that is being imposed on our towns and we say NO TO THE PLUNDER! NO TO THE AIRPORT! NO TO THEIR ROADS!


We make an energetic call to the agrarian courts to process those who are violating our land which is protected against any action/work which implies degradation and plunder of our sacred soils.

Compañer@s: with our hands we are going to [stop them] where they insist on invading.

We ask for your attention and solidarity. We are going to continue occupying the land (with shovels, picks, rakes, barriers…) to make trenches for our camps, which is why we ask for a gathering in Atenco on May 3.

The land is not to be sold; it is to be loved and defended!

Front of Villages in Defense of the Tocuila Land [Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra-Tocuila]


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