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Feb 29, 16

Mexico: Solidarity actions in Tijuana for compañero Fernando Bárcenas

From Contra Info

Translated by It’s Going Down

Solidarity should not be limited by the number of anarchic individuals or cells ready to carry out direct or indirect actions, nevertheless, I think it essential for compxs to truly reflect if what they carry inside of their stores or stands is just a pseudo-anarchist façade or shop where one can buy zines, patches and anarchist-leaning items to show off how anarchy can be bought as well as sold.

I make this criticism as well so that compas don’t allow this economic system to render them inert, immobile, fearful, to the point that mentioning action and the word Anarchy becomes comic. To define oneself is important, some do so childishly, doing nothing more than spending their energies at shows, getting drunk, high and screaming alongside their favorite punk or hardcore band.

Organize your direct or indirect actions, from within your own time, trench and space, do what really is anarchy. Many things are important, among them giving food to the immigrant compas, and that of course is revolt, to be in the streets with these kinds of actions, but nevertheless, don’t forget the antagonistic force that should be directed at the state, terror against terror, the revolt also begins by incinerating the true enemies and their products, fire to the ATMs, bankers, Oxxos and transnationals.

During the call for solidarity with compa Fernando Bárcenas, several pieces of graffiti were painted in the area around Coca-Cola, the reason our compa is a prisoner and in a precarious state of health caused by the prison pigs, who injured him several times while transporting him.

Freedom for Fernando Bárcenas!

While you resist inside the walls, we attack outside of them!

Fire to the bankers and their products!

To the very end for our freedom and happiness!

May the revolt be of ideas and not opinions!

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Scott Campbell is the author of the "Insumisión," which was a featured column on It's Going Down and currently writes news and analysis on social movements and struggles, with an eye towards Mexico.

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