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January 18

Mexico: Update on the Case of Anarchist Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo

This communiqué comes from the campaign for the freedom of Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano. Luis Fernando has been imprisoned since 2014 in Mexico City on charges related to fires that were set to a metro bus and metro station during the third day of action for the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa.

While the government gives speeches about freedom, our compañero remains kidnapped by the state, imprisoned in spite of of how flawed his legal process has been. For four years the illegality of the resolutions and the human rights violations in his case have been repeatedly denounced.

Yesterday, January 16th, our compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano was notified of the ruling on his appeal filed by his defense team, Los Otros Abogadoz. The filing sought to overturn the ruling of Judge 32 of Mexico City denying amnesty to Luis Fernando, when by right he should be a recipient. The new ruling confirmed his sentence, once again, denying our compañero his freedom.

This decision does not take us by surprise. The mandate of the powerful has been clear: keep him imprisoned, trying again and again to break the morale of our compañero. However, here we continue together with Luis Fernando, shoulder to shoulder, struggling for his freedom, knowing that he is not alone and that we will not rest until we remove him from the hands of the powerful that maintain him kidnapped. We know that in this struggle we are not alone because the daily organization and solidarity from below builds the pathway to freedom.




Campaign for the Freedom of Luis Fernando Sotelo

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Voices in Movement

Voices in Movement publishes translations and analysis – both contemporary and historical – to share strategy, solidarity and histories of resistance across imaginary divisions of nations and borders, drawing insight from struggles of below and to the left, where the heart is. They also author Revuelta Comunitaria, a semi-regular column on It's Going Down addressing social struggles and political repression in the territory of so-called Mexico.

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