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Dec 14, 17

Michigan: All out to Stop Richard Spencer at U of M

Students at U of M have been walking out of classes and occupying offices, building the movement to stop the Fascist, Richard Spencer, and his supporters from coming to U of M to attack Black students, Muslim students and all who oppose him. The administration of U of M, the Board of Regents, the cops and the government are complicit with Richard Spencer and do nothing to stop racist attacks or to defend students under attack. We must do that ourselves.

We support students at U of M Dearborn, U of M Flint, EMU, MSU, GVSU and all campuses and community colleges uniting to oppose Spencer and stop the fascists. We support walkouts and occupations wherever they occur. We encourage high school students, teachers, campus workers and community supporters to join in this fight against Spencer and against racist attacks and white supremacy.

The racist and fascist attacks hit a Black family in Burton, a Black church in Wayne, and a Black family in Inkster who had a family member, Brodrick Ward, murdered in Kalkaska and now face a racist response from the cops in that town. The attacks hit the family of Damon Grimes, the 15 year old murdered by the Michigan State Police in Detroit because he was young and Black. The attacks hit families of those in the Muslim, Latinx and immigrant communities who have been rounded up and deported and those held in detention centers who face deportations.

We say stop Richard Spencer and defend against racist and fascist attacks on every campus and in every community. We say no ban, no wall and no borders. We say organize to oppose the fascists, the racists, and the university administration, the cops and ICE and the government who are complicit in these attacks and the enemies of our communities.

We are Solidarity and Defense, a statewide organization fighting to oppose fascist and racist attacks wherever they occur and to unite our forces to build strong community self defense. Join us for a statewide conference in Lansing on January 19 and 20, 2018 to oppose the fascists, the racists, the government and the cops and to build community self defense.

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We are a network of people committed to providing solidarity and defense to communities under attack.

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