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Sep 21, 19

Anarchist Prisoner Miguel Peralta Declares Indefinite Hunger Strike Following His Final Hearing

On September 19, 2019, anarchist political prisoner Miguel Peralta declared an indefinite hunger strike following his final hearing. The demand of his hunger strike is his immediate freedom. Below is the statement he released to begin the strike.

September 19, 2019

Statement from Miguel:

Once again, I am using my body as a weapon of struggle against injustice. Beginning today, beyond my silent strike, I will stop consuming food.

Hunger strike menu:

My breakfast, a snack of patience.

My lunch, a buffet of resistance.

My main course, solidarity.

My dessert, freedom.

Miguel will end his hunger and silent strike when he achieves his freedom. We call on you all to continue echoing the scream for justice and freedom. For every day he continues in prison, risks toward his health will worsen. Mixed District Judge of Huautla de Jiménez, we demand his immediate freedom.

There is also a call-in campaign:

Furthermore, the compañera visiting Miguel today was harassed by the director of the prison, telling her that it was better if she visit him, the director, and not Miguel.

We invite you all to maintain attentive to Miguel’s situation, as the attitude of the authorities clearly hinders the accompaniment of Miguel during his hunger strike.

We invite you all to pressure the prison authorities by calling +52 1 236 374 0313, demanding Miguel’s rights be respected.

If it is possible to call the National Human Rights Commission to make a denunciation, that would also be helpful.

Miguel Peralta Libre 发布于 2019年9月19日周四

Declaración Miguel Peralta, tras realizarse su audiencia final

19 de septiembre de 2019

Una vez más okupo mi cuerpo como un arma de lucha contra la injusticia. A partir de hoy, ademàs de la huelga de silencio, dejaré de consumir alimentos.

Huelga de hambre: menú

Mi desayuno serán los bocadillos de la paciencia

Mi comida el buffet de la resistencia

Mi merienda el plato fuerte de la solidaridad

Mi cena el postre de la libertad

Miguel levantará la huelga de silencio y de hambre hasta lograr su libertad. Por ello, les llamamos nuevamente para continuar haciendo eco al grito de Justicia y Libertad. Por cada día que lo retengan preso, su salud estará en riesgo; Juez Mixto de Primera Instancia de Huautla de Jimènez, le exigimos una inmediata sentencia de libertad.

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