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Dec 4, 18

Milwaukee: Fart Inspired Anti-Political Vandalism Spreads

The following photos and report was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down.

As the Walker regime and the Republican majority in the Wisconsin legislature goes through last ditch efforts to undermine the incoming Governor, as Democrats and liberals descend upon the state capital filling the chamber with outraged but ineffectual “Respect Our Vote” chants, some anarchists dropped a totally juvenile banner over a deep red suburb of Milwaukee.

Inspired by the “Jeff Fartenberry” vandals and recent images on Twitter from the local spotlight crew, we decided to one-up them with a full color version.

We hung it on a railway overpass bridge, cuz the authorities can’t go on private property to remove it, they have to tell the railroad to send someone out to do so, which might take days or even weeks.

Less than half of Wisconsin voters cast ballots for the Republicans, but the state is so gerrymandered that the GOP took 64% of seats in the state legislature. The US Supreme Court rejected hearing a Gill v Whitford, a case on Wisconsin’s partisan gerrymandering. The Democrats have been failing to unseat Scott Walker, a Koch-funded tool for years and years, but in 2018 they finally, narrowly secured the governorship. Unsurprisingly, the GOP responded with an extraordinary session to limit the new governor’s power and all the liberals are foot-stomping, “respect”-chanting, and twitter-storming mad about it.

What we gotta say is: democracy is a joke, a failure and a fraud. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin (and the US more broadly) it is often also the thing that riles up the masses and sucks all the oxygen out of more substantive struggles whenever there’s a new crisis or threat from the GOP.

We don’t want to validate the Democratic party. We know the new administration won’t keep their promises (and they didn’t promise anything approaching our actual desires anyway), but we have had enough of the ridiculous tragic-comic spectacle offered by the Republican party, whether it manifests on Trump’s twitter or in the chambers of the state capitol.

The farty GOP is not worthy of serious debate. The spineless Democrats are not worthy of allyship. We reject both, using the crudest, least considerate means we can slap together in an hour or so.

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