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Mar 3, 20

Milwaukee, WI: Anarchists Crash “Bootlicker Night” at the Fiserv Forum

Report on recent action outside of a pro-police event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Some anarchists crashed Bootlicker Night at the Fiserv Forum in downtown Milwaukee with a megaphone, a speaker and a huge banner that reads “Stop the Bleeding Defund MPD.”

The unconditional support that the white supremacist organization that is MPD receives is unacceptable. MPD receives 47% of the city’s tax budget, a budget that they overspend on every year, due to overtime and payouts to the families of the people they brutalize and/or kill. They are responsible for the targeted harassment, imprisonment, assaults and deaths of black and brown people in the city. Many people are quick to claim that “not all cops” are bad, believing that it is possible to be a good cop, to which I would ask, “don’t all police officers arrest and detain people?”

Just at the beginning of this month, a 17 year old black child was murdered by police in Milwaukee county, so I ask: how do the “good” cops that weren’t the one who pulled the trigger respond to this?

The presence of cops on our streets is a violent threat to the people of marginalized communities.

The badge is a symbol of oppression and hatred.

Police are the enemies of freedom.

What do we want? A World Without Police!

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