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Jan 9, 17

Milwaukee, WI: IWW Launches Variety of Newsletters As Organizing Expands

Submitted to It’s Going Down

The Milwaukee General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World has grown significantly in the past several years. Along the way we’ve developed our own media to spread our ideas and share our experience.

Captel Disconnect Issues One and Two

Captel is a large employer in downtown Milwaukee with nearly 700 workers. Milwaukee IWW members have built a committee and engaged in direct actions on the shop floor to improve conditions. When you’re working class in Milwaukee chances are you’ve worked, or know many people who have gone through Captel. This newsletter helps to spread our Union at Captel and empower workers to fight back.

Captel Disconnect #1
Captel Disconnect #2

Direct Actions Issue One

Direct Actions is the newsletter for the Branch as a whole. In this newsletter you can see the breadth and reach of our organization. Articles range from food service organizing to fights against privatization and austerity in public education.

Direct Actions #1


Voices from Behind Wisconsin Prison Gates Issues One and Two

Voices is the newsletter compiled by the Milwaukee Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. This newsletter is an organ for prisoners to communicate with one another. It consists of statements and articles written by those on the inside. IWOC mails the newsletter back to the inside for prisoners who request it. Prisoners at multiple facilities in Wisconsin engaged in hunger strikes leading up to the nationwide September 9th strike. IWOC organized a campaign on the outside to amplify the voices of the hunger strikers and drag the cruelty of the Prison System into the light.

Voices from Behind Wisconsin Prison Gates #1
Voices from Behind Wisconsin Prison Gates #2

Radio Free Milwaukee

Radio Free Milwaukee is a weekly short wave radio show on Riverwest Radio. The two regular hosts interview guests on current events, ongoing campaigns, and discuss radical history. You can listen to all previous episodes online.

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