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Jan 2, 17

Minneapolis Gets Rowdy for New Year’s Eve

Submitted to It’s Going Down

To end a year full of rebellion and reaction both inside and outside of the prisons, anarchists in the Twin Cities gathered together for a noise demo at the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Center. As the march made its way from a nearby park the walls of surrounding businesses in the Elliot Park neighborhood of Minneapolis came alive with circled As and anti-police slogans. Streets were blocked off with conveniently located caution cones and construction barricades. The chilly Minnesota air was filled with chants like “Burn all the jails, burn all the prisons! Just make sure the cops are in em!” and “Fire to the prisons, fire to the prisons, we don’t need no water let the motherfuckers burn!”

Once we got to the jail we decided the kids locked up inside could use some holiday cheer. So we gave them their very own New Year’s Eve fireworks display! Bucket drums were pounded, chants continued to echo off the prison walls, and the prisoners inside responded with dancing, waving, raising their fists, and even pounding on the windows. A single guard inside stared at us powerlessly while his prisoners were getting LIT.

Once we ran out of fireworks we started to head back, chanting “We’ll be back!” One of the prison walls got a redecorating job and from the light rail one could read “Kill cops” just in time for the Vikings’ last home game the following day. A window of the prison also got shattered somehow. That cold Minneapolis wind can be a real doozy sometimes! The police finally showed up only to watch us all scatter and disappear into the night, just in time to get home and watch this bullshit dumpster fire of a year finally die.

Total complicity and solidarity with all prison rebels of all ages. Nothing but animosity and hatred for the slave catchers of the 21st century: the motherfuckin’ pigs. Here’s to another year of giving our enemies a reason to lose sleep and giving our friends a reason to never lose hope!

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