Minneapolis, MN: Cops Protect Rape Row


Cops protect Rape Row.

Cops are rapists too.

Solidarity with Anna

The banner drop near UMN Rape Row (aka “Frat Row”) drew almost immediate pig attention this weekend. And for all the attention it drew, we can be sure someone was raped there this weekend, as they are every weekend. The toxic frat culture encourages disrespect and sexual violation, and the Greek Life codes prohibit sororities from hosting parties, which creates a power imbalance by giving frats control of social situations. Police protect frat houses with “under the table” agreements with the Greek community, such as not shutting down frat parties even though they are well aware of the countless underage drinkers that attend. This allows a perfect haven for rapists to hunt.

Anna Chambers isn’t the first and unfortunately won’t be the last victim-survivor of police rape. The police state churns out sexual violation—every body cavity search is rape, prisoners are assaulted every day and at risk for sexual abuse by guards. We also know that sex workers are regularly abused by police. Just back in September a Minneapolis pig was arrested for assaulting his son’s girlfriend, and we can be sure that many more assaults go unreported.

We believe Anna Chambers & we’ll continue fighting for the end of police and frats.

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