Minneapolis, MN: Nightfall #9


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November/December 2017 issue of ongoing anarchist agitational paper in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis region. Features articles on the upcoming Super Bowl and its implications, a report from the ongoing revolt in St. Louis in the wake of the police getting off with yet another murder, cartoons, a roundup of local action, and much more!

From one of the articles:

With mayoral and city council elections coming up in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are a range of politicians trying to convince people that they will succeed where no politician has before, that they will turn the police into something other than a violent militia upholding white-supremacy and the destruction of the earth. Some even claim that they could see the abolition of the police entirely, as if the authority of the city government were not directly founded upon the power of the police. Rather than putting an ounce of our effort towards electing those who will ultimately betray us, lets see what we can do in the here and now with those around us to develop less harmful ways of living our lives.

– Super Bowl Blues

– Lighting Up Lake Street

– AgiTater Tot

and more!

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