Minneapolis, MN: Warmed By La ZAD


The following is a report of a solidarity event with the ZAD (Zone to Defend) in France, which is a stateless and autonomous zone the French State is attempting to evict.

We met under the statue of Emiliano Zapata for this simple gesture on the second day (or third night) of the resistance to the eviction attempt by a small army of pigs against La ZAD (Zone to Defend) in Notre-Dame-des-Landes. It’s still winter in Minnesota and although there’s snow on the ground we’ve been feeling so near to you at La ZAD that we’ve felt warmed. Not only now, but since we learned of your beautiful existence, of this world which we believe is also a part of us too. We send you love and strength now and always.

All power to the communes!

ZAD Forever!

Tout le monde déteste la police!

– Your Friends

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