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Jan 9, 17

Missoula IWW Calls for Solidarity in Organizing Resistance to Whitefish Neo-Nazi March

Submitted to It’s Going Down

We have been asked repeatedly if the IWW in Missoula might be involved in forming a response to the proposed march of armed white supremacists in Whitefish next week. Fellow Workers here are indeed making plans to turn out against the Nazis and have partnered with the newly-launched Alliance for Intersectional Power (AIP) to coordinate our response. While it seems likely this all may be so much posturing from the professional bullshit artist Andrew Anglin and his “Daily Stormer” garbage outlet, folks from Missoula IWW and AIP will be on the streets of Whitefish on the sixteenth to roll out the unwelcome mat, whether the Nazi goons decide to show or

Additionally, we will make every effort to find lodging in the Missoula area and transport to and from Whitefish for any Fellow Workers or antifascists who care to come from out of state to support us. We simply require that anyone who comes contact us in advance with proof of their IWW membership or two other credible organizing references we can check out.

Anyone who wants to help us out but can’t come out should feel free to make a donation to AIP’s gofundme or purchase a benefit t-shirt here, the proceeds from both will go towards the Whitefish action. We thank everyone for their interest and support in this bizarre and troubling time. Our union has been the proud enemy of groups such as the KKK and their hateful spurious ideologies for over a century. We refuse to allow the actions of a few petty racists to terrorize our neighbors and define our region.

IN SOLIDARITY – Missoula IWW General Membership Branch

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