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Jan 19, 23

Mobilization Against ‘Cop City’ Hits Offices of Atlas Technical Consultants in Minnesota

Report back on recent mobilization and protest in so-called Minnesota at an office owned by Atlas Technical Consultants, which has been contracted to destroy the Atlanta forest and build Cop City.

Anonymous report back reads:

The forest in Atlanta is under attack.

The Atlanta Police Foundation has contracted Atlas Technical Consultants to destroy a forest in Atlanta in order to build the largest police training facility in the country.

Watch as forest creatures of Minnesota descend on Atlas Technical Consultants office, and demand the company drops the contract with the Atlanta Police Foundation.

This struggle effects everyone, no matter where you live.

Police from all over the country will come and train at this facility.

Stand up with the people of Atlanta.

Companies all over the country are supporting this project.

From Minneapolis to Atlanta, we won’t fall for the copaganda!

Get loud! Organize in your own communities!

Join the social movement. Defend the forest. Stop Cop City.

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