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Jul 15, 19

Modesto, CA: Posters Put Up for Week of Action Against ICE

The following report and photos was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down.

As part of the wave of action against ICE and the world of white supremacy, neoliberal capital, and prison society that it serves, we posted up a series of anti-ICE, and-border, and anti-Trump posters on a long running graffiti wall at a favorite fishing spot and swimming hole in town, used by poor and working people of various backgrounds. Our small act is part of a tapestry of direct action and individual and collective refusal against ICE, deportations, and mass internment which is being backed and facilitated by both the Trump administration and the Democratic Party.

In the past few weeks, the anarchist movement has stepped up along with a collection of newly self-organized groups, networks, and collectives to push back and attack the growth of the concentration camps. We have seen everything from mass street demos to people taking action against banks and Amazon, calling for divestment, to people rallying in the thousands outside of detention facilities, to Will Von Spronsen’s final act of courage, which attempted to take out several deportation buses in Tacoma, Washington.

13 years ago, we watched in the Central Valley, as a self-organized movement of student walkouts snowballed into mass resistance which defeated HR-4437, a bill that would have further criminalized undocumented folks and those that wold give them aid. Mass walkouts, led by high school students and those even younger, culminated in the May Day 2006 marches and wildcat strikes. This is the type of mass refusal we hope to push towards.

We’d also like to give a shout out to all the antifascist crews pushing against Proud Boys and Alt-Right trolls, land defenders and tree sitters from the Mattole to Yellow Finch, Native warriors holding it down in Secwépemc territory, all the queer and trans comrades fighting back in Hamilton and beyond to #FreeCedar, the rioters in Puerto Rico lighting up the night against the puppet government, Amazon workers on strike, and prison rebels trying to keep cool in the heat – we see you!

-some anarchists

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