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Feb 19, 21

Montreal: Solidarity Rally with Inuit Land Guardians in Nunavut

Report on recent solidarity rally in Montreal with Inuit land guardians in Nunavut fighting the expansion of the Mary River Mind.

In a symbolic solidarity action with Inuit Land Guardians in Nunavut, Montreal-area protesters gathered outside the offices of ArcelorMittal, one of the co-owners of Baffinland Iron Mines Corp who are trying to expand the Mary River Mine on the Nuluujaat territory.

The mine expansion has been resisted by the Inuit, who traveled more than 200 kms and successfully blocked for one week the airstrip where the mine’s planes land. The blockade was ended by a court injunction obtained by the mining corporation. The expansion of the Mary River Mine will have disastrous environmental consequences, disrupting the Inuit culture and way of life, as well as having a negative effect on the caribou, seal and whale populations on which the Inuit rely.

The Inuit have also deplored the fact that Baffinland Iron Mines Corp is not respecting its previous commitments regarding economic benefits for local communities. The Land Guardians in the Nuluujaat territory of Nunavut have obtained significant support, including from a group of mine workers who wrote an open letter of support to the Inuit, as well as from the nearby community of Pond Inlet.

The expansion of the Mary River Mine perpetuates colonialism and neocolonialism and is being undertaken without the express consent of the Inuit. The resistance by the Inuit is courageous and inspiring.

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