More Pride Defenders Arrested as Calls Grow to #FreeCedar


Police in Hamilton, Ontario have now arrested a total of 5 people in the aftermath of the events at Hamilton Pride, where far-Right homophobes and neo-Nazis attacked Pride goers, and people defended themselves. After the clashes, police arrested an outspoken trans anarchist known as Cedar, who wasn’t even at the Pride demonstration. Since that initial arrest, Cedar has entered a hunger strike and four more comrades have also been arrested. As a post on North Shore Counter-Info stated:

On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and on the Day of Action that was called in support of pride defenders, Hamilton Police have arrested two additional people. That is two more people who have been arrested for fighting back against queer and transphobia, misogyny, and white supremacy. That brings the current total of arrests to five. That’s right, five queers who have been targeted, harassed, and arrested. This is beyond fucked. Show your love and rage – come out to tonight’s We Make Us Safe: Drop the Charges! Free Cedar! rally 8:30pm at Gore Park. Because now more than ever, it is clear that police and politicians do not keep us safe, and we need to show Hamilton some resilient queer pride!

But despite the repression, there is growing anger and backlash, both on the streets and on social media against the arrests. As many have pointed out, the police targeted queer and trans anarchists for standing up to the far-Right who came to attack members of the public, while police stood by and did nothing at Pride, and only later reacted in what are clearly targeted cases of political repression.

This morning, the Mayor of Hamilton’s home was visited in a flash solidarity demonstration and June 28th marked acts of solidarity around the world, from banner drops to posters being put up in public places. Solidarity marches and rallies have also been called for later this evening, they include:

  • Solidarity With Pride Defenders in Montreal, Friday June 28th. More info here.
  • Drop the Charges! Free Cedar! Hamilton, ON. Friday, June 28th. More info here.

Across the so-called US, Canada, and beyond, people are showing solidarity with Cedar and the rest of those arrested. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve found so far:

  • Barcelona, SP: Banners dropped.
  • Manchester, UK: Posters put up.

  • Philadelphia, PA: Graffiti reads, “Bash Back,” and “Free Cedar.”

Graffiti in Philadelphia reads “Free Cedar, Queers Bash Back!”

  • Toronto, ON: Poster reads, “Free Cedar,” bake sale.

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  • Hamilton, ON: Flash home demonstration at Mayor’s house; graffiti written; posters put up.

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On this day of autonomous solidarity actions for the queer and trans anarchists arrested/charged in so-called Hamilton, Ontario, for defending Pride against violent attacks by the Far Right, Hamilton’s mayor woke up to a redecorated front lawn (photo courtesy of @blackworkjacket). Nothing like playful-good organizing to start one’s day off right! Show your support, too, for queer and trans comrades facing state repression this June 28, as homage to our ancestors as well on the 50th anniversary of the #StonewallRiots. Be creative! Be fabulous! And be generous — since they can also use funds for their legal defense! For updates, follow @the_tower_inprint. #LoveAndRage #FreeCedar #DropTheCharges (currently, for five folks) #ArtOfResistance #ACAB #SolidarityIsOurBestWeapon #TryQueerAnarchismForLife

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  • Kingston, ON: Local solidarity shown; banner hang.
  • Kitchener-Waterloo, ON: Banner drop.
  • Montreal, QC: Posters put up.
  • St. Louis, MO: Banner drop.
  • Across the World!

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