This article has been updated to show that a proposed tiki torch march at a campus in Tennessee that began circulating on neo-Nazi social media accounts, appears at this time to be a rumor, and the Facebook event started for countering it has been deleted.

Yesterday, both local news outlets in Murfreesboro, TN and social media reported that neo-Nazi groups were planning on organizing a ‘Unite the Right’ styled tiki torch march at the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). Despite this initial reporting, it appears that these fears were based on rumors coming from within neo-Nazi circles.


On Twitter, neo-Nazi organizer Brad Griffin, writing as “Hunter Wallace,” wrote that the torch march is in fact not being organized. Other posters applauded the spreading of the rumor and the fear that it caused, claiming that the threat of the march acted as a “bargaining chip” against the the city.

According to organizers in the area that spoke with IGD, discussion for the march begin first in neo-Nazi circles on social media.


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