Nashville, TN: Vandalism Against Alt-Right Gym


In July of 2017, community groups protested the opening of a gym connected to the Wolves of Vinland (their feeder organization being Operation Werewolf), a white nationalist and crypto-fascist organization with chapters based around the US. The following communique which was submitted anonymously to It’s Going Down, takes credit for vandalizing the storefront of that same gym. For background information on the Wolves of Vinland, and their connection to acts such as church burnings, as well as the wider white nationalist and Alt-Right movement, go here.

The communique reads:

Late Thursday night, a fine group of folks smashed out the windows and ruined the mural at Vengeance Kvlt, the gym in Nashville with ties to Operation Werewolf, an offshoot of a crypto-fascist organization called Wolves of Vinland. Their whole aesthetic revolves around savage aggro training and self reliance and so of course all Sky Lemyng (the owner) has done is call the popo to file a report. We encourage yall to check out their facebook and remind their faithful followers of their defeat. <3

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