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May 6, 22

Natasha Lennard on Growing Attacks on Reproductive Freedom and Legal Analysis

photo: @fla_ylf

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we present two interview, the first with our legal correspondent who breaks down the recent Supreme Court leak from Politico, what it means, and its broader implications. We talk about the increasing push towards criminalization, how an overturning of Roe V Wade could play out in the courts, and how various states doubling down on protecting or outlawing reproductive rights could possibly impact the wider terrain.

We then speak with author, educator, and journalist Natasha Lennard, an investigative reporter at the Intercept, who speaks about her recent piece entitled, The End of Roe: Saving Abortion Rights Means Taking Them Into Our Own Hands. During our discussion we also touch on the poverty of liberalism, the inability of the Democratic Party to do anything but contain people’s anger and push people to vote, and the need to both mobilize in the streets and also organize on the ground; expanding and strengthening existing mutual aid networks, community health initiatives, and grassroots support projects.

More Info: Natasha Lennard on Twitter, The End of Roe: Saving Abortion Rights Means Taking Them Into Our Own Hands on The Intercept

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