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Mar 15, 18

#NationalWalkoutDay Roundup of Student Actions

New project Cutting Class, “counter-info for the ungovernable generation,” presents this roundup of actions that took place on March 14th, which was originally billed as a symbolic day of walkouts that were supposed to last only 17 minutes, and were called for and promoted by the Women’s March, which has largely become an arm of the Democratic Party. 

However, in many cities, the walkouts took on a much more confrontational and self-organized character, and some students also faced repression from the police. Some groups of students also issued sets of demands, most of which, had nothing to do with gun control.

Tons of kids cut class yesterday as part of a day of nationwide walkouts against gun violence. Some are walking out for only 17 minutes in memory of the 17 students killed at Stoneman Douglas HS on February 14th. Others have carried out full marches and rallies, taking streets and protesting in front of major symbols of the institutions that prop up the NRA & the militarized gun culture of the U.S. We’ve rounded up a collection of some of the most inspiring shit we’ve seen, including the moments of militancy that go unappreciated by mainstream media outlets.

General/Unknown Location

Student holds sign that says “As a black boy, I hope one I day I have as many rights as a gun.”

Second grader joins high school students in walkout.

School is closed due to snow, kids still hold a rally!

New York City


Concord, CA

Students from Mount Diablo High School break through a gate to leave campus during a walkout to protest gun violence on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, in Concord, Calif (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)


Later tweets confirmed that several students who were detained by police custody will not face criminal charges. We featured this tweet to highlight the police repression and intimidation of black student protestors in the midst of this movement.

The demands these kids make are way deeper than just gun control–stopping the growth of police, restorative justice, racial equity, and combating economic inequality. Even if you believe their particular demands are liberal, they’re worth listening to and engaging with. Once upon a time, you were a liberal high school student too.

East Palo Alto

New Jersey


Washington D.C.


New Orleans

Ursuline Academy students walk out and join students from Math and Science HS and Lusher HS, rather than attending the school-sanctioned prayer event.


Madison, Wisconsin


During a walkout, student Trump supporter with flag was confronted.

According to local news:

Minneapolis police say no arrests have been made after a student carrying a flag with the word “Trump” on it was assaulted outside of Southwest High School.

Police say the altercation happened while students were outside of the building during National School Walkout Day Wednesday morning.

As students were observing a moment of silence, two students confronted the flag-bearing student across the street from campus.

Six other students joined in the confrontation, taking away his flag, damaging his camera and inflicting minor injuries.


San Francisco

Kansas City


Students at Antioch high school are facing some finger-wagging from liberals and conservatives alike. They went above and beyond any of the respectable protests that were expected, getting real rowdy to the point of tearing down an American flag and jumping on a cop car. While everyone else will either ignore or scold them, we’re here to say: kids, you’re doing great! Keep it up!

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