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Jun 24, 21

Nationwide Call to Action for the Abolition of I.C.E and to Free All Immigrant Prisoners

Call for a day of action for the abolition of ICE from Occupy ICE PDX.

In 2018 here in Portland we started the biggest wave of anti-ICE action the country has seen with the occupation of our local ICE facility for over a month, for the following year or two, folks across the country and even globally united against the gestapo-like force that we know as ICE. Unfortunately since then, calls for ICE’s abolition have dwindled, especially with Biden being elected, despite his vows to prosecute immigrant families just as hard as Trump did. We NEED action now, as we type, families are being ripped apart by the government for not having correct papers, our neighbors are being stolen from their homes by the secret police like we live in Nazi Germany, NO FUCKING MORE.

NO MORE deportations on stolen land!

NO MORE borders!

NO MORE racist police!


On July 17th, we’re calling for a day of action against I.C.E. We need to bring back the anti-ICE energy we had in 2018 until there is justice for our immigrant neighbors. The United States government has no right to say who is and who isn’t illegal on land that they stole!

Organize a protest, confront your city government if they have contracts with ICE, or take a page out of our book from 2018 😉


photo: Markus Spiske via Unsplash

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We won’t leave until I.C.E is out of Portland and is abolished!

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