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Apr 29, 19

“Prisons Are Slave Ships”: Director of North Carolina Prisons Receives Protest Over New JPay Policy

The following communique and photos were anonymously sent to It’s Going Down, which we repost here.

The report read:

In the wee morning hours of Monday, April 29th, some anti-prison trash bullies dumped an ancient, spray-painted and piss stained couch in the middle of the entrance to the fancy neighborhood of Kenneth Lassiter, director of North Carolina prisons. The couch was addressed to Mr. Lassiter directly, along with a demand to end the new JPay policy he put in place. We also hung a banner across the entrance sign, declaring, “PRISONS ARE SLAVE SHIPS, LASSITER IS THE CAPTAIN.” Hopefully Lassiter’s neighbors start to wonder why the fuck he attracts so much garbage.

“End JPay Restrictions”

On February 5th, NC DPS put a new policy in place which requires anyone who sends money to a prisoner through the company JPay to first be on their approved visitation list. The policy has had a drastic impact on many prisoners’ ability to receive funds and outside support, especially those with gang status, on solitary for rebellious activity, or with undocumented family members. Prisoners have begun organizing against the policy in a number of facilities.

It goes without saying that our goal isn’t to make JPay “easier” or “better” (aka more profitable) to use, but to end the profiteering off (and incarceration) of prisoners entirely. BUT this specific policy is having an immediate effect on thousands of prisoners, and we stand with their struggle.

-just a beginning

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