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Jun 29, 22

North Carolina Prisoners Organize Rolling Protests and Hunger Strikes for Juneteenth, Ask for Phone Zap

Report from prisoners in North Carolina on various protest actions and a call for support.

Comrades in both North Carolina and Georgia have received word of a series of rolling protests and hunger strike actions at Granville CI in North Carolina, both to commemorate George Floyd Day as well as Juneteenth. A report-back and summary of those actions is below; at this moment prisoners at Granville are urgently asking for a mass phone zap to pressure NC DPS and the administration into granting their demands. You can find details on the phone zap in the shareable images below!

Brief Report on ‘George Floyd Day’

On “George Floyd Day’ on May 25th at Granville Correctional Institution, on HCAV (high-risk security) over 30 prisoners protested over their harsh conditions of captivity.

There have been routine hunger strikes, staff sit-ins for SIB (“self-injury behavior”) watch, fires, prisoners attempting to fight off a half dozen or more storm troopers single-handedly, and other means of protest, over issues like police brutality, not having access to tablets on HCAV, the new text behind mail service, extremely long long-term sentencing, and other random issues such as laundry and raw eggs served for breakfast.

We are planning on a state-wide petition campaign to the DPS to address the long-term sentencing structure. In the meantime, we’d like to demonstrate what happens to corrupt officials when we have the “power of the people.”

We will be protesting throughout Juneteenth in small and major ways. On June 23rd, I will be on my fifth day of hunger strike.

We did not choose to have the phone zap on Juneteenth, because that falls on a Sunday and so the administration and the warden will not be here. There warden is more likely to be here on Thursdays. (June 23rd is my birthday! And though I suffer from bone marrow cancer, the people will always come first).

Thank you for providing the 2019 phone zap to Scotland CI for “Shine White” and those hunger strikers…The admin went crazy and demands were met. May you be blessed many times.

On the inside we will handle everything else (paper work, other demands, etc). As you apply pressure and provide help from the outside. Thanks in advance.

In struggle we stand in solidarity, ‘til every cage is empty.

The United Front (TRUCE) of the Peoples Army
(TRUCE – Teams of Revolutionaries Uniting to Combat the Enemy)

Phone Zap

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