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Mar 30, 17

Neo-Nazi Horace Scott Lacy Recruiting in Western New York

On March 26, local Buffalo station WKBW aired a story by reporter Ali Touhey in which she interviewed a man distributing “White Lives Matter” flyers in the Lewiston, NY area. She identifies the man as Scott Lacy. Edited from the story in its final version was mention of Lacy’s affiliation with the Aryan Renaissance Society. The full version of the interview was posted to a “White Lives Matter” Facebook page.

The Aryan Renaissance Society is a well-known white supremacist group who has recently used the “White Lives Matter” slogan to rally and recruit. A “White Lives Matter” rally in South Buffalo was shutdown in July of 2016, but it appears this routing was not sufficient to deter the Nazis.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Lacy was arrested in 2007 along with a woman named Cassidy Lawrence in possession of a stolen truck, apparently claiming at the time to be a member of the “Aryan Circle” prison gang. Shortly thereafter, Joshua Aaron Kennedy, Lawrence’s half-brother, was arrested along with Sean Dolan White in possession of military explosives and body armor. Kennedy was later sentenced to 50 years in prison for plotting to kill a sheriff’s deputy. In 2009, an article appeared in the white supremacist magazine American Renaissance attributed to “Howard Scott Lacy” decrying “black mannerisms” and describing the internal workings of the Aryan Circle.Lacy and Biro.jpg

Lacy has also been quite active recently. He was among those present at – and presumably an organizer of – a August 2016 protest of the NAACP headquarters in Houston. He was also present an October armed protest at the Anti-Defamation League. Clearly, given this summer’s attempted “White Lives Matter” and recent flyers, Lacy has relocated to Western New York to recruit for the Aryan Renaissance Society. This is confirmed by a recent comment on a photo in one of Lacy’s several Facebook accounts, which reads “Recruit u fucks…”

The manBiro 2.jpg who appears alongside Lacy in the photograph seems to be Todd Biro of Niagara Falls. This is corroborated by public photos available on the Facebook account of “Todd Andrew Biro.” The same man appears in a Facebook profile picture for an account called “Marie N Todd Biro.” The account belongs to Marie Basile, who has also been identified on IGD as participating in the Houston protests at the ADL. Biro has also been posting videos for some time to a Facebook group called “White Lives Matter III.” Posts in the group are geotagged to Niagara Falls, NY and Stamford, CT and include several videos of Lacy’s interview with WKBW. A Youtube video posted by Melissa Lacy depicts Todd Biro and Marie Basile and begins with a white power salute and includes Biro telling Basile to get off the phone so they can “kill a n*****.”

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