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Nov 13, 16

Neo-Nazis Call for White Lives Matter Protests in Washington State, Austin, TX, and Beyond on November 19th

Originally posted to It’s Going Down
Pulling from Puget Sound Anarchists
Austin Texas Event Here

White nationalists and Neo-Nazis from a variety of organizations have held three demonstrations in Texas in recent months, all under the banner of ‘White Lives Matter.’  The first took place in downtown Dallas several months ago, the second was in Houston in front of the NAACP office; which featured white supremacists armed with firearms. Then in early October, White Lives Matter held a second rally in Houston outside of an ADL office, again open carrying while anti-fascists organized a counter-demonstration in response.

Now, at the same time as 3 anti-fascists in Austin face repression for simply painting over white supremacist graffiti on a college campus, anti-fascists and anti-racists are planning to confront White Lives Matter at the Texas state capitol in Austin, Texas. From the call-out for the event:

Neo-Nazis are organizing a “White Lives Matter” rally outside the Texas State Capitol at 12:00 on Saturday November 19 (though they may arrive earlier). These fascists must be stopped by any means necessary. Come out, bring your friends and a mask, and give them no platform!


In an online video, a WLM organizer discusses how other similar events are being organized across the US, including in Oklahoma, San Bernadino, CA Pacific NorthWest. From Puget Sound Anarchists:

White Lives Matter are trying to show themselves in Washington state on November 19th. They have known ties to the Traditionalist Workers Party, Aryan Renaissance Society and the Nationalist Socialist Movement. We have provided a link to the original video below. Please spread this information far and wide, if you or your friends know of any additional information regarding the event please send information to antifa206 (at) riseup (dot) net.

To see the video, go here.

This demonstration will be both a continuation of far-Right and Neo-Nazi activity in Texas and beyond as well as a testing ground for white supremacist ideas and action in a Trump-elect America.

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