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Oct 19, 17

Neo-Nazis Organizing Richard Spencer Event Release Hit List of Gainesville Establishments

Neo-Nazis with The Daily Stormer, in concert with Richard Spencer and his website, have released an action plan for Spencer’s talk at the University of Florida that includes a ‘hit list’ of synagogues, black museums, and newspapers to be targeted in flash demonstrations after the speaking event. They also encourage all neo-Nazis in Gainesville to leave the campus and begin targeting these establishments if they cannot get inside Spencer’s talk.

As documented by IGD and Unicorn RiotSpencer is also using a variety of neo-Nazi groups such as Anti-Communist Action and Vanguard America, known for violence and murder at rallies such as Unite the Right in Charlottesville, for security. In a set of Discord chats released by Unicorn Riotmembers of Anti-Communist Action detailed plans to manufacture bombs and kill counter-protesters at similar events.

In the lead up to Spencer’s talk, neo-Nazi groups have also carried out acts of vandalism in the state of Florida; vandalizing a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. last week.

Controlling Tickets and Media

As The Guardian reported, Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi minions will control what journalists are allowed to enter and report on the event.

Also, neo-Nazis will be in charge of who gets tickets and how they are distributed. According to 

We are told that tickets will be distributed beginning at 1:30pm at the intersection of Hull Road and SW 34th Street, which is north-west of the event center location marked on the map below. Seven hundred (700) tickets will be distributed to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. The location of the ticket distribution is subject to change.

The Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is located at

3201 Hull Rd
Gainesville, FL 32611

The Daily Stormer gave further instructions to neo-Nazi and Alt-Right attendees. They write:

Arrive as early as possible (11 AM). Go to the event, preferably with a group, dressed normally – no uniform or racist anything, no white polo and khakis, no flags or signs, if you’ve got Nazi tattoos cover them up. Our people are going to be giving out the tickets, so walk up and don’t look like an antifa (but don’t look too Nazi either…). Don’t talk to anyone who is not in your group, at all, even if you know them. If you don’t get a ticket, don’t fret. Don’t go to the designated protest area/TRAP ZONE. Go other places in the city of Gainsville and stage multiple flash demonstrations with a group of people. The the event gets shut down, move to step two.

Neo-Nazis Release Hit List for Flash Demonstrations

The Daily Stormer then goes on to advise people that there will be “flash demonstrations” later on in the day. The neo-Nazi website lists four places intended for targeting, including a local Jewish Center, a newspaper, Starbucks (for supposedly selling “anti-white coffee”), and a black museum. They write:

Just – all of you guys, I’m serious – if you don’t get in the event, get off the campus quickly. As soon as you get denied a ticket, go to your car and hit the first spot you find on Google.

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