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Feb 15, 17

New Haven, CT: DAPL-funding TD Bank Shut Down

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, four members of New Haven Stands with Standing Rock shut down the entrance to TD Bank, a funder of DAPL. Unable to cut though the lock boxes, police let them free after briefly “arresting” them on the spot. The four were charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with the police, and their trial is scheduled for the 23rd.

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UPDATE on New Haven Stands with Standing Rock Valentine’s Day Action at TD Bank

​Four people were arrested for blocking the doors of TD Bank, 944 Chapel Street, yesterday afternoon (Feb. 14). They locked down together with their arms in cylinders and were removed as a group from the front entrance ​

​by New Haven police. They were charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with police and have their first appearance in court on February 23. All agreed they are looking forward to going to trial.

Melinda Tuhus: “Why have hundreds of people from greater New Haven turned out half a dozen times to support the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL)? Because we believe it’s our fight, too, and we can play an important role. The indigenous leadership of NoDAPLSolidarity has called for actions the week of Feb. 12-19 to support the water protectors — including hundreds of veterans — who are still standing strong against the completion of DAPL, for which the company, Energy Transfer Partners, last week received its final go-ahead from the Trump administration. TD Securities is one of the banks funding the pipeline. Customers in New Haven and all over the world have divested from the 17 banks funding the pipeline. We are showing our love for those on the front lines defending clean water, treaty rights and climate justice. Other banks have pulled out — that’s what we want TD to do.”

Victorya McEvoy: “I love my indigenous grandkids. I love clean water. That’s why I’ll be participating in the action on Valentine’s Day to support the Standing Rock water protectors. We’re asking the TD Group to join other banks and US cities and take their funding out of the dangerous Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL.)”

Michael Clausen: “I’m protesting TD Bank in solidarity with indigenous organizers in Standing Rock to demand that TD honor its Code of Ethics by divesting from the Dakota Access Pipeline. As long as TD funds the pipeline, we cannot invest in this bank. We must divest!”

Mark Colville: “The ‘love’ theme got me thinking of Cornell West’s quote, ‘Justice is what love looks like in public.’It’s connected to how much fear there is now in the political sphere. In order to make justice happen we have to make our love public.”


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Confronting climate change’s root causes, Dragonfly Climate Collective (formerly known as Capitalism vs. the Climate) organizes non-hierarchically and takes direct action in solidarity with communities most impacted by the climate crisis. We’re members of Rising Tide North America. We started in 2012 in Connecticut, a group of people angry that society is rushing headlong off the carbon cliff. We see modern capitalism as forcing us to rip up the earth and burn all its fossil fuels. Countless livelihoods and and lives are at stake. Green tinkering won’t cut it. We need fundamental democratization of our energy and our society.

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