New Haven, CT: Solidarity with Charlottesville


This following submission from New Haven details action that took place in the town after the events in Charlottesville lead to the death of Heather Heyer.  

Beginning Friday night, anti-fascists in New Haven showed their support with comrades from around the country who went down to Charlottesville to confront the neo Nazi and white supremacist presence there. These groups were planning for war – there was nothing peaceful about their planning or the actions they took over the weekend. While some from our affinity group were on the ground and the front lines in Cville, those who couldn’t be there sent constant support and solidarity from afar.

Graffiti mural in memory of Heather Heyer

On Saturday night, as news of the death of Heather Heyer sunk in, we took a cue from European antifascist football clubs to honor her and to denounce the terrorists who murdered her and injured several others. As our local soccer team the Elm City Express became the NPSL national champions, we took the field.

Then on Sunday, we gathered alongside hundreds on the New Haven Green, the same place where white supremacists had attempted to gather on July 8th and were swiftly shown their way out. We pledge to continue our fight against any and all white supremacist and fascist presence in our community and elsewhere.

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