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October 12

New London, CT: Solidarity Rally with Rojava Report Back

Report back from the New London Mutual Aid Collective on a demonstration in solidarity with Rojava.

In solidarity with our comrades in Rojava, we have headed the call, eclaiming public space to hold a demonstration. We did our best advertising in the day and a half leading up to our demo and ended up with at its peak about ten people.

We managed to hand stitch some fairly substantial YPG and YPJ flags (which we will be producing many more of) that we mounted on our collective’s truck, though we decided to leave the mounted PKM at home (kidding).

We were very fortunate to meet a Syrian who is in constant contact with people on the ground and organizes fundraisers to make sure people have heating oil for their homes as well as food. We will be coordinating with them in the coming days to gather funds for displaced Rojavans. There has been a lot of chatter locally about the invasion and a lot of people are looking for ways to help.

In addition to our stationary demonstration and banner, we also taped up many posters of Rojavan people as a response to very distancing and minimizing language used by some locals. We believe showing faces of this fight provides a means of connecting with the people they only hear about in the news. We also distributed leaflets calling for more action in response to the unfolding crisis.

We will continue to search for more ways to participate in this struggle and boost awareness of the crisis our comrades now face.

Solidarity and love from New London, Connecticut.

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New London Mutual Aid Collective

We are a local organization with the goal of helping the community in an ever growing and ever diversifying manner. Anyone who wants to contribute welcome!

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