New Orleans, LA: March to Honor Fallen Comrades


Marchers took to the streets of the Faubourg Marigny last Friday to remember the lives of two fellow anticapitalists. We marched to honor Heather Heyer, killed fighting white supremacists in Charlottesville, and for the memory of Nathan Hose, a New Orleans J20 defendant who took his own life August 16th.

Heather and Nathan were honest rebels who stood against the regime and its world. We carried their fighting spirit Friday, banging pots and pans, lighting flares, shooting fireworks and ignoring the admonitions of police.

To all those feeling moved by recent events to join the fight: Making revolution means struggling against American empire in all its forms. Nothing will be gained from replacing the current fascists with socialist opportunists, techie scum, or some even newer monster. As long as the roles of the state and capital exist, so will their tasks: colonialism, imperialism, ecocide.

Parts of the American plantation burn already. Soon all of it will be engulfed in flames. We could try to salvage this colossal shit-hole with more statist solutions, but what would be the point? Instead, let’s spend the days ahead working towards an autonomy freed from politics and economy. Let’s create joyous realities that will do justice to the friends we’ve lost along the way. Let’s build ungovernable worlds.

Rest in power Heather and Nathan!

Honor the dead! Fight like hell for the living!

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