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May 24, 17

New Orleans: Remaining White Supremacist Statue Targeted for Popular Removal

Concerning the imminent removal of the stella honoring the so called “poet laureate of the Confederacy” Abram Joseph Ryan.

Tired of the smoke and mirrors of the city’s earlier removals, Mitch contracted us to help arrange a more participatory spectacle for the removal of the remainder of the cities more odious monuments. Ergo, we have provided hammers and chisels for your pleasure, brought to you with just a eency bit of embezzled tax dollars. So come one, come all! Take a few whacks! Carve your name! Chisel a penis! Mind the wet paint and have fun!

P.s. Mitch also asked that we dedicate this carnival of iconoclasm to Turtle Island’s newest revolutionary formation: the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. So let’s burn down the American Plantation together!


The Real Meow Meow Liberation Front- Professional Party Planning Committee


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