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Aug 23, 19

New York Anarchist Bookfair to feature Ben Morea and Silvia Federici

Announcing this years New York Anarchist Bookfair, taking place on September 6th and 7th.

As climate emergency looms, the specter of war and fascism haunts us. In the media and in the world around us, we watch the super wealthy ruling corporative elites persisting in maintaining the exploitative death-culture hierarchy of white, cis, patriarchal, Imperialist, and colonial capitalism. At the NYC Anarchist Book Fair we believe that can be changed, and it takes a village to invent the future.

In its 13th edition, the book fair pays tribute to the anarchist and activist Willen Van Sprosen, who was killed as he tried to disrupt ICE camps activities, and the counterculture anarchist artist Ben Morea. An exhibition of Morea’s drawings (features in this year’s book fair Poster) will be exhibited during the bookfair and art festival. During the book fair, Morea hosts a workshop/dialogue session around Revolutionary Animism. Workshops also include Silvia Federici talking about “The Struggle for the Commons”, and debates on queer – trans feminisms, Antifa, immigration and ecology anarchism, among others. The book fair this year will offer a care-space, where healing practitioners and artists will offer group and individual care experiences.

The NYC Anarchist Book Fair aims at contributing to the ongoing dialogue, analysis and practice of current society, increasing knowledge about history, and create inspiration for the building of liberatory alternatives such as mutual aid, autonomy, solidarity, collectivize and consensus based decision making, to name a few. We emphasize the creation of forward-looking activism and culture as we celebrate the struggle to free humanity, the animals and the planet from today’s predatory global political and social systems.

Together with the book fair, happen the NYC Anarchist Art Festival and the Emma Golden Film Festival. The first happens on the eve of the book fair, on Friday, with a diverse lineup including 30+  artists, focusing on performance art and collective creation collaboration, inspired by Ben Morea’s concept of revolutionary Animism. The Emma Goldman Film Festival this year focus on Narratives from Indigneous Peoples of the Americas, particularly on the indigenous people in Brazil.

All events take place at the Judson Memorial, 55 Washington Square Park South. The venue, in a neighborhood long associated with the anarchist movement in the U.S., has hosted the NYC Anarchist Book Fair nearly every year since its inception, and it will again in 2019.

13th Anarchist Art Festival ANARKOARTLAB  Friday, September 6, 2019 7pm – 12 am
A tribute to and with Ben Morea: Revolutionary Animism FREE

13th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair  Saturday, September 7, 2019, 11 am – 7 pm
Books, art, workshops, skillshares, care-space and more

3rd EMMA GOLDMAN FILM FESTIVAL  Saturday, September 7, 2019 7 pm – 9 pm

Featuring: Narratives from Indígenous Peoples of the Américas  FREE

Details about additional events and book fair exhibitors, featured films and participating artists TBA by August 20th on anarchistbookfair.net  NYC Anarchist Book Fair tablers include publishers of anarchist literature (from the East and West Coast); small independent presses; community groups focused on, among other topics, ecological activism and animal liberation; and prisoner support networks.

For more info contact: [email protected]http://anarchistbookfair.net/

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