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March 5

New York City: A Call for an Anti-Authoritarian Contingent at Women’s Strike

The following is a call to form an anti-authoritarian contingent within the Women’s Strike to promote anarchist ideas and act as a form of self-defense from fascists.

This Thursday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. A holiday with a long radical history, the day often brings to light issues surrounding the ongoing struggles against patriarchy and gender oppression, and the significant, contributions women have made to countless revolutions.

In light of the current social climate we are living in, where patriarchal ideologues are attempting to reassert their domination and sexism and rape culture permeates every sector of our society, from the oppressive and murderous institutions of government, to the cutthroat world of business and entertainment, to women and queer students still having to put up with frat houses normalizing and promoting sexual assault on college campuses, we are calling for anarchists and anti-authoritarians to show up at Washington Square Park, in New York City on March 8th, 5:00 PM.

We believe that anarchism is uniquely suited to be the solution to these problems, and as anarchists we need to make sure that we commemorate and make visible the many important sacrifices and contributions of the numerous non-male anarchists, anti-authoritarians, anti-colonialists and anti-capitalists throughout history and to this day.

Show up with flags, banners, and whatever fun stuff you may think of. Wear all black if you like. Lets confront the usual workings of capital and the police and be ready to defend against any fascist scum that may rear their heads, as they did last year, even injuring one protesters forehead with a shard of wood while being protected by the pigs. Lets make sure that this time they don’t even get the chance.

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