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Sep 8, 17

New York: Update on Imprisoned Copwatcher Ramsey Orta who Filmed Murder of Eric Garner

After Ramsey Orta filmed the police killing of Eric Garner, he became a target for harassment and retribution from the NYPD, leading to his eventual conviction on trumped-up drugs and weapons charges. While the cops who killed Eric Garner walk free, Ramsey is still incarcerated. Here’s an update from his support network:

Like so many families across the nation, WeCopwatch is tasked with supporting one of our loved ones serving time in the Prison Industrial Complex. As Ramsey comes up on his first year of incarceration, and with three to go, we at WeCopwatch have been reflecting on our strengths and our weaknesses, so that we can continue to be a better support network for the years to come.

Screenshot 2017-08-24 13.13.31

Comic Book sketches of Ramsey by Jonathan Burkhadt

Our Strengths and Weaknesses

1. Ramsey has received a lot of sporadic support in the form of donations, letters, and visits.
2. We have been able to visit Ramsey.
3. We have been able to fundraise when Ramsey’s commissary is empty, and we send out food packages when we can, we also keep photos coming in to him.
4. And do our best to be a connection point for Ramsey to the outside world.

1. Beyond a few dedicated people, we have no formal support network in place to support Ramsey.
2. WeCopwatch has no online reach and has difficulty fundraising, or getting information out to large populations of people.
3. When Ramsey was in solitary confinement, we couldn’t find a lawyer that would be willing to call or visit Ramsey.

We want/need to do better for Ramsey. But we need more people involved to make this possible. Ramsey is in good spirits, but in his first year in prison, Ramsey has already been put in solitary confinement, he has been cut, and Ramsey has been moved around several times, and is currently at Franklin County Corrections Facility in UpState New York, on the Canadian Border making it hard for him to stay connected to his community.

We as a community can do more to keep Ramsey safe and healthy. We want to plug you in. In any way you can. Consider the following. First and foremost Ramsey needs continuous donations of any form. Keeping his communication open to the outside, and money in his commissary is a must. WeCopwatch helps manage his PayPal donations in the areas mentioned.

How to Support

1. If you can donate one time, or a little every month, feel free to use this PayPal
[email protected] “ or send postal order (only) to

Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010

2. You can send food packages to Ramsey. We have an amazon wishlist that has food items that the jail accepts. Link:

3. You can send Ramsey books. Ramsey loves to read political work, know your rights books, history books, etc. You can send books to

Ramsey Orta, 16A4200
Franklin Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010

4. We need more people helping post on twitter and content on his page . If you have online reach and want to be part of Ramsey’s online support team, email us at [email protected]

Ramsey is keeping busy though. He’s enrolled in classes, reading the books and letters sent to him. And recently Ramsey, Jonathan Burkhardt, and WeCopwatch have began working on a Comic Book showcasing Ramsey, his life, Copwatch, and Know Your Rights information. It’s sure to be a hit.

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